Lovely Lavender Part 1

After spending two nights on the edge of the Nature Park of Carmargue in the south of France (see previous blog), we headed to our next destination and to our next “first”: a visit to the lavender fields of France. We drove northeast of Avignon into the winding mountain roads to the northern part of the Vadaux region, near the Tour de France’s infamous Mont Ventoux.

In preparation for our trip, I had read some tips found on “The Good Life France”. The blog mentioned the village of Sault, calling it the “capital village of Lavender”.  That screamed out to me as being the right spot for our one night stay.

Since we arrived early at the hotel – several hours before check-in, we went for a ride.  I trusted tips shared in the blog and wanted to follow them.  I carried on steering Andrew in, what I was sure would be, the right direction to experience our very first exciting moment of seeing incredible lavender fields. We started by heading north to MontBrun-les-Bains, as The Good Life had recommended.

One thing you need to know is that after being exposed to so many photos of lavender on the Internet that showed seemingly unending rows of lavender fields in full bloom, when we first caught sight of the fields on our way to MontBrun-les-Bains, we couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed.  Is this really what everyone was always talking about?  Everything was so far away and the colors didn’t seem at all that spectacular.

My husband hadn’t said anything to me yet but I was sure he had been thinking the same.  When it was me who had the responsibility of doing the research to pick the locations, I assure you, I was definitely feeling the pressure!  Did I mention that my husband is a rather impatient man?

Somehow viewing the numerous paler lavender fields in early bloom decorating the mountainsides didn’t do the trick.  No “wow” factor yet felt.  I began to doubt myself and my choice – perhaps we had come too early in the season? Or perhaps we weren’t on the right road.

Then around the bend, we saw our first lavender field close up.  With its incredibly deep, rich color, we were enticed to stop and take a few pictures, minding the bees that seemed to be interested in the lavender as well.

We then stopped for lunch and decided to head to Ferrassières. Well, I can’t tell you how relieved I was when we arrived there.  There were fields upon fields.  And because the countryside was relatively flat and the fields came right up to the side of the road, we could stop to take many more pictures.  We enjoyed the fact that the lavender fields were clearly not part of a gimmicky tourist trap. It was, instead, a very authentic experience of gazing upon natural farmland.

Andrew gleefully wandered down to the “Bouris” – a dry stone shelter used for shepherds and their sheep, and we enjoyed taking in the sight of lavender in the early blooming stages.  There were a few other lavender field hunters/photographers taking pictures along with us but not many.

After feeling a bit more satisfied with our trip, we felt very lucky when we spotted a lavender distillery with a small shop close by. It looked so quaint.  It was clearly where the owners of the fields lived and worked.  Our luck certainly seemed to be changing.

We entered the shop area of the farm and began admiring all the handmade articles the woman was selling.  Everything looked so nice and smelled so good!

Stay tuned for Lovely Lavender – Part 2!

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