Lovely Lavender Part 2

(1) Just as we were about to leave the shop with our soaps, oils and other knickknacks, I asked the shop owner if she knew where we could go for a walk through the lavender fields, as I had read about online.  She excitedly said “you can walk in our fields.”  In fact, they had a lovely marked walking path set up for people just like us.

(2) She handed us her leaflet and she recommended that we come back in the early evening to avoid the intense heat and to also take advantage of seeing the fields’ beautiful colors during the sunset hours.  To be honest, we couldn’t have planned it better.  We stopped in a local restaurant, had some water with lavender flavored syrup and then headed back to our hotel for a little nap. When we woke up, we had yet again another French picnic and then headed back to Ferrassières, only about 10 km away, with cameras in hand to take on our walk.  We were ready!

(3) Well, I can tell you that the evening walk through the “Ho! Bouquet de Lavende” was the highlight of our entire trip and if I ever went back to visit these fields or any other lavender fields in France, I would do exactly the same thing. Not only was it amazing to be on the property of private lavender fields completely by ourselves – and I mean completely – but we took picture after picture.  We learned about the different types of lavender indicated by the French and English signs posted throughout the walk and breathed in the most incredible and surprisingly sweet scent of lavender.  Lavender, when it is dry, can be quite different.  To fall under its spell, you need to be among the lavender fields when the many different varieties are fresh and in bloom.

(4) There is one particular lavender plant named “Diva” that stands out amongst the rest.  Not by its looks but because of the amazing scent it gives off.  We would wait, putting our noses to the air when the wind blew and inhaled deeply.  Yes – there it is again – the diva – and it never disappoints!  My husband thought it smelled like maple syrup.  For me, it wasn’t as earthy as that but much lighter and truly like an air full of soft, sweet candy.

(5) The lavender fields are not just about beautiful colors.  It’s the sights and smells combined which make the experience truly unique: simple but full of beauty. Although my photography skills are still quite amateur, I do welcome you to take a look at my photos.

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B2 Lovely Lavender Part 2 - Match the Heading

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