We thought you might like to look and find the error on this real out of office e-mail example:

I am out of the office until 24.10.2017.

I am out of office with no access to my e-mails. My e-mails will not be forwarded. Please contact xxx Wxx, xxx_wxxx@bxxxxxx.com, 043 xxx xx xx.
Otherwise I will answer your request upon retun on October 21st.
best regards
Sxxx Sxxx

It is not immediately obvious but sometimes we keep the same wording for our out of office e-mail and turn it on/off with a date change.

Did you see it?

Do you receive any out of office e-mail responses which you think are bad and could be shared? If so, please send your example to info@thebostonschool.com , we look forward to receiving them.

Here is an out of office e-mail sent in by Florian for you to comment and review:

From: R……….. K……….
Sent: Tue, Oct 4, 2016 10:24 AM RST
To: A………. T………

Subject: Automatische Antwort: New Bank Information for xxxxxxx

Dear Sender!

I am ill with no access to my E-Mail. Sorry for any delayed answer to your E-Mail .

Best Regards

R…….. K……

Legal Counsel


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