In a previous post, we shared a sample cover letter for a professional applying for an open position as a DACH Account Executive.

In this post, we’d like to share with you a simple cover letter template based on this previous example.

This cover letter template can be used to apply for nearly all those supply chain roles where the are regarded as low to mid-management level. You would need a different template design for senior or executive applications.

Please Remember:

Before filling in the blanks, it is best to jot down your own specific experience, skills, accomplishments and work values, etc. as indicated by the prompts in order to fill in the template properly for your own specific situation.

Remember you may need to re-write this after you use the template to better highlight your expertise and value you bring to your new company in the new job.


Free cover letter template with 22 prompts


Please Note: There are two pages.  The second page, which lists the 22 prompts to help you fill in the blanks, can be found by moving your mouse over the bottom part of the document.  A hidden tab will appear which will show you the page numbers.

Why not share this template with others who may be looking for a new job or who are out of work and could be helped.

For you, we can offer you some help if you find yourself still struggling or desiring a more personalized consultation.

We would be happy to offer our one-on-one support by Skype and/or e-mail at rates starting at Euros 20.00 per hour for proofreading and starting at Euros 40.00 per hour for editing. Feedback or additional requests for free content are welcome. Please get in touch.

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