English Medical Common Vocabulary Quiz 2

A medical English quiz using some essential vocabulary for nurses and medical professionals who have to use English.

25 questions with 2 or 3 answer choices so you can know its correct form


Hello I am Albert,

Two jokes to help you relax before the quiz:

  1. ‘Doctor, Doctor, I think I’m addicted to Twitter’   –  ‘Sorry, I don’t follow you’
  2. ‘Doctor, Doctor, I have a strawberry on my head!’ – ‘I’ll give you some cream for that!’

Albert thinks your answer % will be:

Correct answers % mark 72%
Incorrect Answers % mark 28%

Please leave your comments about the quiz and questions for Albert, he will try his best to answer them.

If you are lucky, he may even add a joke to his answer for you.

He has been told not to give you any medical advice.

A recent request will tell you your doctor is the one to see:

A student asked him “Doctor Albert, my son has swallowed my pen, what should I do?”

His response, “Use a pencil until I get there!”


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