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B2/C1 Online Practical English Course

Mondays – 19:00 – 21:00  3 x per month + 1 x Hangout in English!

Course Block Length: 8 Classes + 3 Hangouts (group conversation practice at a restaurant in Zurich)

Dates for Hangout in English!: 7 October, 4 November, 2 December 2019

Online Class Dates: 14, 21, 28 October 11, 18, 25 November and 9, 16 December 2019

Cost: CHF 350.00

Next 8-Week Course Block: begins 13 January 2020

Minimum Number of Students Required: 4

Click for B2 / C1 Course Description:

This practice English course focuses on both work-related and every day topics.  Exercises in this course will be offered at both B2 and C1 levels and taken from well-known exams and tests. 

In this first 8-week block we will cover:

Topics to build vocabulary and practice speaking: 

  • Health and Fitness
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Current Work or Study Projects
  • Personal Work History

Interactive Grammar Explanations, Games and Exercises:

  • Present Simple vs. Present Continuous
  • Relative Clauses
  • Past Simple

Writing Practice:

  • an e-mail to request Information about an online course
  • a food, health or fitness-related blog
  • LinkedIn Profile

IELTS Academic Group Preparation Course

Tuesdays – 19:00 – 21:00

Course Block Length: 8 Weeks

Class Dates:  22, 29 October 2019 5, 12, 19, 26 November 2019 and 3, 10 December 2019

Cost: CHF 450.00

Minimum Number of Students Required:  4

Next Course Available:  14 January 2020

Click for IELTS Course Description:

This course will focus on the writing and speaking tasks of the IELTS Academic Test only.  Students who wish to take part in this course need to complete a Reading, Listening and Writing sample test of the IELTS Academic Test.

Based on your results and the score you wish to reach, we will call you to give our honest opinion if our course is appropriate for you or whether it may be better to take a longer, more in-depth language course.

For Writing Task 1 / Academic:

1) How to view data to find main overall trends

2) How to categorize and group data into sub-trends

3) How to concisely compare trends by using key phrases to connect ideas

For Writing Task 2 / Academic:

1) How to formulate ideas before writing

2) How to write an appropriate introduction and conclusion

3) How to carefully connect all ideas to the essay question.

For Speaking Tasks 1-3:

1) Understand the requirements for each task

2) Learn how to include the right amount of details in the amount of time alloted for each task

3) Feel more confident on the test day so that nerves are under control

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