Sylvia Weismiller
Cantons of Basel and Baselland
Receiving her Bachelor's in Asian Studies and Civilization from the University of British Columbia in Canada, Sylvia spent a year teaching English in China soon afterwards. She has been teaching English in Switzerland since 1998 and working for The Boston School since 2014. Sylvia takes on the responsibility of offering all lessons running at a major client's headquarters in Bubendorf. Students enjoy Sylvia's calm patience which easily creates an environment of good rapport and trust with her students. When she finds time in her busy schedule, she plans on becoming DELTA certified.
Sophie Lidgate
Canton of Zurich
Sophie Lidgate has a Bachelor's Degree from Camberwell College of Art and Design, has her CELTA certificate and over 8 years experience working as an ESL teacher in Zurich. Sophie started teaching at The Boston School in 2016. She adeptly and seamlessly took over former classes taught by the owner, Rose. She now teaches at three different companies and keeps the students coming back for more. She has volunteered her time to teach English in West Africa and her entrepreneurial talent leads her to empowering others.
Marcia Bauer-Kapanci
Canton of Geneva
Marcia, born and schooled in the USA, has taught English to students of all ages in both the private and public sectors in Geneva since 2001. Prior to her career in English language teaching, Marcia worked both in the USA and Switzerland as a qualified nurse. Fluent in both English and French, she also enjoys speaking Italian. Marcia's students are always very happy with her ability to support their needs and her great sense of humor keeps the students looking forward to their next class. The Boston School is very happy to have such a confident and reliable teacher on their staff like Marcia.
Ben Jeffrey
Ben Jeffery brings a wealth of work experience with a strong cultural tie to his native country of New Zealand. With over 10 years working in the forestry and farming industries, Ben has worked in various capacities including in Export Logistics and Warehouse Management. Ben moved to Switzerland in 2009 and immediately began taking German lessons and continued until completing a C1 course. In 2016 he gained a CELTA teaching certificate. Ben is a natural when it comes to creating a positive group dynamic and creating structured lessons. His New Zealand accent is clear and understandable and adds an extra challenge for our higher level students. We are happy to have him on our team.
Rose Nassif Travers
School Founder & Director
Rose has a Bachelor's Degree in Music from Boston University with a minor in French. Moving to Switzerland in 1991, she later attained her CTEFLA (later renamed as CELTA) in 1995 to launch her teaching career when moving from Geneva to Zurich and has 20 years experience teaching English as a second language. She brings with her a variety of past work experiences that assist her in managing and developing the school - whether it be from when she first started out as a secretary in an advertising company and assistant producer in a recording studio in the USA or working at the airport and reservation centers of Swissair in the USA and Switzerland. She has also been trained as an instructional designer in a former Swiss-American telecom company where she learned not only how to collaborate with various departments when launching a new Internet service but also developed invaluable project management skills. Now as the school expands, Rose is looking to offer more services to clients and students now that she has confidently passed the baton onto a great team of teachers.
Andrew Travers
Manager Support ( IT - Marketing - Sales) Part-Time
Andrew moved to Switzerland from the UK in June 2004 and brings with him 25+ years of sales experience in banking, asset finance and leasing as well as hospitality technology ( Internet, IPTV , Wi-Fi and Telecommunications). Andrew is a minor shareholder of the school and works part-time in a support capacity as required helping with The Boston School’s sales and IT. When not working for the school, Andrew pursues his own recruitment and business development projects.
Darina Klevarova
Administration Assistant
PhD graduate from University of Zurich and Linguistic Service Manager in Brno, Czech Republic Darina, who lived in Switzerland while studying for her PhD in Linguistics at the University of Zurich, worked for The Boston School as its first administrative assistant from May 2008-May 2009. We are so happy that Darina can now work on a freelance basis to assist us with adminstrative and payroll duties, working remotely from the city of Brno in the Czech Republic. Darina brings the necessary quality control aspect to our manual administrative tasks and uses her skills to provide advice on creating a smooth communicative process.