Customization – according to the needs of the company and students                                 

Customization courses to meet your needs

Understanding the company culture

Each company where we teach has a slightly different company culture.  By understanding the mindset of the company’s CEO and knowing the training guidelines the Human Resources Department follow, we are able to create courses in line with the Management’s vision and provide knowledgeable advice on setting realistic timelines to meet learning goals within an affordable framework.

Meeting student needs

Equipped with knowing the guidelines set out by Management, further information is gathered during  our pre-course individual needs analysis sessions where we ask about each student’s specific language needs and goals. 

During the first class, teachers will go one step further by asking additional questions at the start of the course.  This way, the teacher becomes well-equipped to design a course around not only the needs of the students but also can take into consideration the class dynamics of each group as well.

Class Scheduling

Also on the first day of class, teachers will ask students about planned days away from the office.  It can be when they are traveling away on business or have planned a family holiday. For those dates when the majority of students are away, the teacher arranges the course schedule around them when possible so that students have the best chances of reaching the minimum 70% or 80% attendance rate goal. 

Course Material Choice

When it is discovered students’ individual needs may vary greatly based on information gathered from the pre-course needs analysis session, a group decision can be made together with the teacher on the first day to ensure everyone is on board as to how the course will be designed to manage these various needs. The book choice is a main element that needs to be correct from the start.

That is why course book selection may occur only after the first class has been held.