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About The Boston School

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The Boston School GmbH is an English language school founded by Boston USA native, Rose Nassif Travers, in 2000 in Zurich, Switzerland.  

The school has modest beginnings when Rose began offering private and small group classes in the comfort of her own home.  Over time, many of her private students, often Marketing or Sales Directors, appreciated her creative, engaging individualized teaching style and brought her to the attention of their companies’ HR departments.  Soon after, Rose won large in-company contracts and expanded to a team of part-time teachers.  By the fifth year in business, The Boston School began providing company-wide courses at various Swiss-owned international companies with locations in the Swiss French and Swiss German regions of Switzerland.

Since 2020, Rose has returned to teaching courses on her own so that eventually she can devote time to creating hybrid self-study/in-person courses. A mini-IELTS preparation course is ready and has proven effective to prepare IELTS students in taking the Academic IELTS test with a success rate of 90% after 10 hours of online plus self-study work.  She continues to teach English classes to business professional both online using Zoom and MS Teams and in person.  More recently, she has begun assisting apprentices and Gymnasium students who show dramatic improvements in their writing skills and overall self-confidence in a short amount of time.  

Last but not least, Rose continues to provide quality proofreading and editing services for university theses. Her reliable and effective work ensures that research accomplishments can be communicated and valued without any distraction of inconsequential grammar or word choice errors.

She is proud of helping students committed to reach their goals.  She sees potential in every student. Bringing this potential to light is what keeps her enthusiastic, motivational and motivated as she seeks to use modern technology to find new ways to keep students’ interest level high.

New Synergies

Another recent change is how she is now working in tandem with her husband who has created a local network of business professionals called the Zürich Networking Group.  It has currently over 7,000 members in its private LinkedIn Group, where it began and has over 700 subscribers to its off-LinkedIn newsletters.    

This local networking group offers opportunities for members of the Zürich community to engage in interesting discussions, develop meaningful relationships in a relaxed atmosphere with professional, down-to-earth people. Entrepreneurial business owners, coaches, as well as business executives count amongst those you are likely to meet at a group event: online or off. 

Its active members not only organize social events, but also make presentations on topics based on their specific field of expertise and interests. This provides a unique opportunity for students at The Boston School, especially those who have fluent speaking skills, to challenge their English skills in real life networking and social situations.   

Be sure to visit the Zürich Networking Group to learn more about Andrew’s community of Swiss and non-Swiss English-speaking locals which has been running for more than 10 years. Be sure to listen to a podcast on marketing strategy, bitcoin, or attend the next webinar on communication skills to see what this group has to offer.  Most importantly, if you like what you see and hear, why not become a member? I assure you, you will develop and grow in more ways than one by doing so..


School Founder, Experienced Qualified Teacher and Writer


School Shareholder, Experienced Sales Executive & Recruiter

About Rose

Just as each student is unique, so is each teacher. 

What makes Rose different from other teachers? 

Rose will treat you – no matter what age you may be – as a partner and with respect.    She wants to understand your particular situation to make lessons that you find engaging to keep you motivated. 

Rose sees your inner potential and relies on the fact that she can draw it out from you.  She’ll do this at a pace that’s right for you: sometimes as quick as lightning – other times, more slowly to allow room for life’s other priorities and for the time necessary to comprehend complex points more deeply.

What experience does Rose have in learning languages?

At the age of 12, she had her first French lesson in school and later at age 20, she gained fluency by studying French at the University of Grenoble. 

At the age of 28 she began working in Geneva using her French skills. Four years later, she moved to Zurich with practically no knowledge of German.  Today she can express herself in German and understand basic Swiss German conversations, picked up mostly by trial and error, rather than through a formal education.

What business experience does Rose bring to her lessons?

Rose has over 25 years of experience teaching English to people of all ages and levels.  Her experience working in several companies and industries both in the US and Switzerland prior to becoming a teacher is demonstrated through her realistically designed role plays and discussions.

Experience in the performing arts which led to singing, dancing and acting on stage in front of hundreds of people at a young age, helps her to support shy students come out of their shell.  

Her work as a professional training material writer is a solid foundation when guiding students to perfect their writing quality.

What teaching qualifications does Rose have?

Rose graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Boston University, earned her Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, a Certificate in E-Moderation (for online teaching) and the SVEB 1, the Swiss federal recognized certificate for teaching adults.

Rose has also been an active volunteer of ETAS, English Teaching Association of Switzerland for nearly 10 years which promotes ongoing teacher development. She currently sits on the Executive Committee as Public Relations Chair as well as acting National Events Chair for 2022-23.

Rose’s motto

Self-motivation combined with expert guidance makes a winning combination

About Andrew

What makes Andrew different from other language trainers? 

It’s hard to miss Andrew’s passion for the latest technology, international news and his knowledge about business and European history. His passions are reflected in his storytelling that work as a model for students to enrich and develop their presentation and conversational skills. 

Andrew challenges advanced level students to expand their listening and reading comprehension, and has a provocative, unconventional style that captures learners’ attention.

His authentic British accent and humor make his sessions not only about language but culture, too.

What career experience does Andrew bring to his sessions?

Andrew, who mainly works as an executive recruiter in the field of engineering, started his career in the banking industry, managing and motivating a team of sales managers which later led to working in selling hotel technology, where his love for IT and engineering could be explored.

On coming to Zurich, he soon started his own recruitment company after receiving excellent training and building up success while working for an international recruitment group.

When you are contemplating career changes, Andrew is there to lend his expertise by asking the right questions to prepare next steps to action. 

What drives Andrew?

Andrew is driven by the attainment of knowledge and sharing it with others.  He is the ultimate independent learner when it comes to anything related to marketing on the Internet and enjoys creating valuable connections with people to further their careers. 

Andrew’s motto

If it’s too simple, make it complicated! (His British sense of humour)

Your Goals. Our Values

We believe in supporting you to the best of our capabilities

Your Goals

  • Gain confidence
  • Improve fluency
  • Develop vocabulary and grammar knowledge
  • Never give up
  •  Become an independent learner

Our Values

  • Believe in our students’ potential
  • Encourage student cooperation
  • Make lessons relevant and interactive
  • Provide expertise
  • Respect and motivate our students

Meet Some Past and Present Clients

Some great companies and their staff

Long established in the Zurich area, The Boston School has provided lessons in a variety of towns across Switzerland.

It has also meant we have helped staff in different business sectors from banking and chemicals to precision parts and sanitaryware wholesaling. 

Some include:

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