For Teenagers+

As an apprentice or “Gymnasium” students, can you relate to these common complaints?

  • Watching too many movies in class
  • The teacher unable to explain grammar rules
  • The class size too large
  • Struggling to attain a 4.0 or 5.0 

Please let us know.  We can help and gladly offer our expertise to ensure apprentices, secondary school children and gymnasium students have the after-school help they need.  Our tutoring services help them to keep up with their classes, pass quizzes and improve their test scores. 

With one-to-one support, we can take the time large class scenarios may not be able to: Motivate to work on the hard stuff and get students feeling comfortable and eager to do so.

Where do our tutoring classes take place?

The classes take place at the student’s home so that parents can also have the chance to develop a relationship directly with the teacher.  Parents can listen in on lessons to understand the methods the teacher uses and how the relationship between student and tutor works.

What coursebooks and material are used?

  • The English coursebooks used in the student’s school class  
  • Grammar games and exercises developed by the teacher 
  • Learning strategies discussed and shared to support self-development and independence 

What if they need to pass an entrance test or end-of-school English exam? 

Here are just a few of the exams we have assisted young adults to prepare for:

Minimum age: 15

  • Abschlussprüfungen: Kauffrau und Kaufmann
  • Cambridge English:  Preliminary and Business Preliminary (B1)
  • Cambridge English:  First and Business Vantage (B2) 

Minimum age: 19

  • Cambridge English: Advanced and Business Advanced (C1)
  • Cambridge English: Proficiency (C2)
  • Lehrabschlussprüfung (LAP) for those studying to become a certified primary school teacher (C1). 

We enjoy assisting students along their career paths, whether it is to study abroad at a university in England or to become an inspired Swiss primary school teacher. We see our role as a facilitator in fulfilling important aspirations and look forward to celebrating your hard work to attain key goals that empower you.

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