For University Students

  • Do you wish to attend a university or technical college in Switzerland?
  • Ready to take a big step by studying abroad? 
  • Do you need to pass a recognized language certificate but not sure which one is right for you?
  • Are you looking for a proofreading/editor to partner with you for an important paper or thesis?

Organize a free call with us, so we can give you advice to get you moving forward.  We won’t provide lessons to you if you don’t need them.  But if you follow our key take away point about completing a mock test on your own at home first to understand where your weaknesses and strengths lie first – we would be more than happy to help.  Being efficient and effective is our motto.

Students who have been studying English for several years often do not have difficulties meeting the requirements to pass the reading and listening sections of the test.  Writing and speaking skills, even for native speakers, however, is where you may need us for guidance and feedback.

As long as your reading and listening skills are higher than required, your writing and speaking skills may need just a bit more help, so you can attain the score you need.  The Boston School has designed material for improving essay and report writing within 2 months or less.  Practising the speaking section of the test with us will also help calm your nerves and make you feel ready on exam day. Learn more…

The Boston School can lend a hand to students working on papers for their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees that need to be completed within a specific deadline.  We do not write the papers for you but make sure your paper structure follows a clear logic and time pressure has not caused unnecessary errors.

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Rush Job? Want help to meet your deadline?

We have made the last post deadline at Zurich Airport on a Sunday more times than you can imagine.

To ensure our clients "to be there on Monday" for their academic papers, presentations and other documents.

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