English conversation

Practice your English conversation skills

Join one of our conversation groups who meet online 3 times a month. 

We are using a fantastic platform that allows small or large groups to participate in full-group discussions or in breakout rooms.

With this feature, students discuss simultaneously in pairs and can later report back to the full group.

So, although we are not in-person, having conversations online can actually help to create a very personal environment where we can discuss issues in depth. 

We currently offer two levels:

  • Intermediate (B1 to B1+) 3 Thursdays per month: 19:00-20:30

  • Advanced (Pre-C1 to C1+): 3 Mondays per month: 19:30–21:00

Cost is CHF 30.00 per session and can be purchased one at a time or in sets of 6 in our online shop.

Each of these classes is fun to combine with attending a monthly Hangout in English!

Practice your conversational skills “live” and “in-person”

These days, almost everything is online, written via text messages or chat rooms. This is why many people are seeking a chance to practice the old-fashioned skill of speaking – in person. 

On the meetup.com platform, we host our conversational group events called Hangout in English!

During a “hangout”, we meet at a local restaurant once a month to get to know each other and practice English. One teacher is present to guide the discussions and answer grammar or vocabulary questions. It’s a great way to not only practice your English but make friends, too! Cost is currently only CHF 5.00 per session and is paid in cash.

We urge you to become a meetup.com member to not only take advantage of our events but many hundreds of other meetup events taking place in a town near you!

Learn more about our Zurich in-person conversation groups: Hangout in English!

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