Corporate Courses

Corporate Courses

 The Boston School specializes in creating professional English courses for companies with headquarters in Switzerland, including those who need to serve employees in multiple locations. 

Currently, we are teaching online using Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 

Face-to-face lessons can be offered for companies based in the canton of Zurich once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Course Focus

Whether students in the class all work in the same department or come from various ones, the focus of the course must be established along with the course attendees from the start.  This ensures motivation and interest remains high. 

Some may set a goal to pass the BEC Vantage or BEC Higher Cambridge Business English ESOL exam for their employees. Others to engage in real-life business scenarios.  Still others may allow students to develop a richer vocabulary by offering general English courses. Each company, each group within each company is tailored to the students’ motivational and learning needs.

Course Materials

Course books help to maintain structure in the course. We have a well-stocked library of various Business English and General English course books to choose from that are up-to-date and modern.  Online versions of these course books can also be ordered.

Topic specific Quizlet online vocabulary lists are also shared.

We also like to create activities where employees have the opportunity to explain the technical aspects of their work, practice sales role plays or meeting negotiations and telephone calls. These activities are great in boosting students’ self-confidence. And creating exercises like these keeps teachers on their toes and motivated, too.

Learning Pace & Class Dynamics

We set the course pace that suits each group. Class dynamics is also key.  We encourage ongoing feedback and open communication between teacher and students.  

Ongoing Training

We have strong ties with the English teaching community through Rose Travers’ role as the Public Relations Chair of ETAS – the English Teacher Association of Switzerland. 

The Boston School encourages our teachers to keep their training up-to-date by attending the many workshops ETAS makes available.

Read more about how we achieve this.

Some Past and Present Clients

Long-established in the Zurich Area, The Boston School has provided lessons in a variety of towns in the canton of Zurich.  We look forward to serving online to more remote teams of employees working from home or based in other parts of Switzerland or Europe. English classes are a great way to provide a team atmosphere when face-to-face is not feasible.

Our company partners include a range of various business sectors – from banking and chemicals to precision parts and chemical companies in the paper and pharmaceutical industries.

Some include:

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