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Choose among the various ways you can focus on how you can practice speaking English …naturally.

Summer 2021 – Full-Immersion Conversation Days

For those living in the Zurich area of Switzerland, you can take advantage of our new concept of booking a full-immersion conversation days.  Pick one day between 15 July and 15 August to walk, talk, read, have lunch and enjoy the outdoors.  For 6 hours in one day, you’ll be accompanied by an experienced English teacher.  We can create a day around simple outdoor activities including reading by the lake or playing Frisbee.  

Social distancing and masks will be worn to keep things safe.

Online Hangout in English! 

Or if you are looking for weekly conversation sessions, please join us on Monday nights 19:00-20.30 online for our  Hangout in English! 

Private face-to-face conversational English lessons are also available for those living in or near Zurich.  Please book classes at your convenience and check our rates.


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