Private Lessons

Whether you are an apprentice studying at “KV”, a “PH” student preparing to teach in the Swiss public school systems or a CEO preparing for a high stake presentation, we can help.

As an apprentice, making sure you can pass every subject to avoid retaking it again brings a lot of pressure to succeed. Especially when preparing for a Business English exam like the Preliminary or Vantage.  

For those preparing to become Swiss public school teachers, not only do you have hone in on your teaching skills but teach in English, too. You can practice the “PH” English assessment test with us.

For the business professional with very little time, pulling of an effective sales presentation is key.  In a few sessions, we’ll get the job done together.

University bound students and medical staff looking to work overseas have also come to us. Take the IELTS, The First, Advanced, Preliminary, Vantage or Higher – it’s your choice. We continue to help students feel at ease by helping them improve their weak areas and applauding their strengths and natural talents. 

Private lessons – whether for a couple of hours or a few months or even a few years – you decide how long, where and when your lessons should take place.

For all: book your first free online private lesson.

We are teaching online via Zoom or Skype during lockdown but also face-to-face using social distancing measures and masks. Face-to-face rates are higher when travel by the teacher is necessary. Please see our Pricing Table below.

Note: Special rates are offered to those living outside of Switzerland. Please contact us to make any special requests.

We also have a list of group classes you may be interested in.

Online Private Course Pricing Table

Online Executive Coaching

Company and Sales Presentations
CHF 100
per hour
  • Learn how to make an effective start
  • Use the right technical terms in English
  • Practice delivery - receive constructive feedback
  • Be prepared to answer your audience questions
  • via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype
  • 15% discount for Zürich Networking Group Supporter Members

Online Exam Preparation

Ideal for IELTS or Cambridge Exam Prep
CHF 75
per hour
  • Practice sample tests
  • Learn and apply critical thinking skills
  • Receive clear grammar explanation
  • Work on your writing during and between lessons
  • via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype
  • CHF 10.00 off per lesson if booking at least 5 lessons

Online Tutoring

Secondary School, Apprenticeship, University Support
CHF 60
per hour
  • Understand what your school teacher is looking for
  • Receive clear grammar explanations
  • Talk, talk and talk some more
  • Remove gaps in your knowledge
  • via Zoom or Skype
  • Reduced rate for low-income families

 Private Face-to- Face Prices

  • You can benefit from having face-to-face courses at the same rate as our online private rates when booking a minimum 20-hour package paid in advance.
  • Pay-as-you-go monthly rates for face-to-face classes, due at the end of each month, are available for an additional CHF 15.00/hour. 
  • Transport costs are not included.
COVID Guidelines: Those who have not been fully vaccinated, need to wear a mask and socially distance during the class.  The teacher, who is fully vaccinated, will do the same.