Practice your reading skills

Not reading articles, books or magazines in English?  You are missing out. If reading non-coursebook material is something you’ve never done for fear of getting overwhelmed by a lack of vocabulary, there are solutions for you: easy readers.

What are easy readers?

Easy readers, which are stories simplified according to a specific level of English, are great to increase your self-confidence in reading. These are especially helpful for learners who have not yet reached fluency (B2) level.

We encourage you to choose one of our recommended easy readers on our Reading Book List to help you feel more comfortable reading in English.

Literature included on our list

Additional literature, which can often be found included in high school or university studies, has also been listed for language levels B2 and above.

As these hold cultural significance to English native speakers, reading and interpreting their meaning can help readers develop a cultural bond to its language and people.

Choose a book with a business focus

Not concerned about studying grammar? Want to speak more professionally in English? Reading books on the topics that interest you are a great way to take your English to the next level.

We’ve listed a few books that can be read on your own to discuss and use as a tool to also improve business conversational skills.

Combine reading with discussion

Reading is a hobby that can be enjoyed either alone or with others.  If there is any book you find on the reading list or another that you would like to work together on with a teacher, we would be happy to accommodate you.

Sign up for a private lesson with a reading focus and let us know your preferred book. If there are any group reading classes planned around that book, we’ll be happy to share this with you.

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