Recommended English Reading

Here is a list of suggested easy reader books and English literature according to the CEFR language proficiency level.

I have personally used all of these books with several classes of adults.  My students and I have equally enjoyed reading them. Adult students also have liked those stories written for younger ages.

I have included links to order the books online through Amazon as well as a secondary option, such as or  

These secondary sites have been chosen either because Amazon restricts delivery to Switzerland or because these sites offer lower rates for the same book and may also promote additional books by the same author.

To find the latest versions or the audio or e-book versions on these sites, be sure to go to the main website and  use the title and author name in the search fields to find various options.

English Book List by Audience and English Learning level

Audience: Any Age

A1/A2 Beginners

Island for Sale, Easy Reader comedic drama by Anne Collins, 16 pages including comprehension exercises (for all ages 14+)

It is a simple, easy-to-understand story that manages to be funny, too.  I love seeing my students of all ages understand its humor.

A2/B1 Pre-Intermediate

Anne of Green Gables, Easy Reader crime story by L M Montgomery, 60 pages including comprehension exercises (written for ages 8-12 years old)     

Based on a well-known and loved novel, the story of this young orphan girl seems to be fitting for any age.  With a few pictures included, don’t misunderstand –  it’s not just a story for children.  Anne of Green Gables has been a classic for many years and the easy reader version captures the heart of story through its descriptions of the characters and its amusing and heartwarming stories throughout.                      

A2/B1 Pre-Intermediate

The Double Bass Mystery, Easy Reader crime story by Jeremy Harmer, 50 pages (suitable for ages 18+) 

There hasn’t been a student that I’ve met who doesn’t like crime stories.  The Double Bass Mystery is a great way to get crime solvers started to think in English as they read.

Audience: B1 / B1+

Matilda original version British comedic drama by Roald Dahl, 232 pages (suitable for ages 12+)    

There are so many students – and I will confess, mostly female students, who haven’t loved reading this book. 

It often counts as the first non-easy reader book they read from cover to cover. And that’s not bad since it’s over 200 pages long!  Business people, young people all enjoy watching Matilda’s vengeful but funny stories.  Great for all ages.                  

Deadlock, easy reader crime story by Sara Paretsky, 112 pages including comprehension exercises (suitable for 16+)

Yes – another crime story. 

But this one is filled with twists and turns and is definitely more appropriate for older aged children as well as adults.  It will require “reading between the lines” – which requires critical thinking skills. Not just understanding all the words.

Dead in Dublin, easy reader e-book  written by English teacher, Jeremy Taylor,  (suitable for ages 18+)

Audience: B1 - Intermediate 16+ years of age

The Gladiator, easy reader adaption written by Dewey Gram based on the Novel “Spartacus The Gladiator” written by Ben Kane.

A thrilling story set about a heroic man in ancient Roman times (150 BC): easy reader: 89 pages   

Audience: B2 - Upper Intermediate 16+ years of age: Easy Reader English Books, American and British literature

The Sugar Glider, an adventure story that takes place in Australia written by Rod Neilsen and published in 2003, 96 pages 

Rebecca, a classic mystery novel filled with suspense and twists and turns in the plot, written by Daphne du Maurier in 1938.

An Inspector Calls, a drama 3-act play by British novelist with a social vision – J.B. Priestly, 117 pages written in 1945.                    

Great Gatsby, a drama set in the 1920’s in  America by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, with German explanations, 264 mini- pages                     

Death of a Salesman a dramatic 2.act play with a Requiem by American playwright Arthur Miller, with German explanations, 173 mini-pages            

Of Mice and Men, a drama set during The Great Depression written by American novelist John Steinbeck, with German explanations,  171 pages

Audience: C1 and above: Books For Advanced level English Learners and native speakers

Great Expectations, a classic drama written by well-known British novelist, Charles Dickens, 544 pages  

Audience: English Books For Business Professionals 

B2 and above 

Eat that Frog! Get More of the Important Things Done Today, A self-help book for busy professionals looking to procrastinate less and get the important stuff done first, written by Brian Tracy, 144 pages

C1 and above

Shackelton’s Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer, a look at a true story of an Antarctic exploration team and their leader, Ernest Shackelton written by Margo Morell and Stephanie Capparell, 256 pages

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, a world-renowned book giving lessons not just on business but life itself, written by the American author and influencer Stephen Covey, 432 pages                 

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