One-to-One Courses: Professionals

Language Coaching

For Chief Level Executives

Do you need to deliver a welcoming speech, manage a global structural change or deliver on a new sustainability mission? 

Communicating in a foreign language on such crucial issues can make everything much more challenging.

Getting the tone and words right are useful to capture the attention of your audience, maximize new concept acceptance while at the same time deal with and minimize friction amongst colleagues. 

With a native speaker with English language expertise as well as deep understanding of the Swiss culture, you will be able to polish your message to resonate with your listeners while keeping true to your own voice and personality.

We at The Boston School would love to be your motivators and supporters to reach these critical goals through English.

Specifically for C-Level Executives

      • Speech Writing
      • Strategy Planning
      • Presentations
      • Business Development Support

Language Coaching

 For Department Heads, Sales Executives, HR Managers & Job Seekers

Taking an English class these days may seem like pure luxury.  Finding time to have weekly lessons in a group just may not be possible for your busy schedule. 

Yet before a job interview, high stake presentation before the board or potential new client, having an English native teacher with business and coaching skills could be just what the doctor ordered.

We know what it’s like to need a sounding board.  We listen and help make sure your messages are clear, concise and convincing.  You can go through your preparation steps with us and practice various scenarios to ensure you feel ready to do what you always do but this time in English.   

We will act as your coach and focus on your delivery and confidence because we know at such times, this is what really counts.

Specifically for Department Heads

      • Decision-Making Meetings
      • Board Presentations
      • Report Writing
  • For Sales Executives
  • Client & Supplier Presentations
  • B2B Terms and Conditions Negotiations
  • Business Lunch Meetings
  • Monthly Sales Report Writing 
  • HR Managers & Recruiters
  • Candidate Interviews
  • Performance Assessments
  •  Conflict Resolution
  • Job Profile Writing 
  •  For Job Seekers
  • Interview Preparation
  • 2nd Interview Presentations
  • Salary & Benefit Negotiations
  • Cover letter and CV Writing