Group Courses For Teams

Are you looking to offer your staff an English language or business skills course?  

The Boston School, as an external language and communication skills provider, can assist your employees in building and maintaining sound relationships with their clients, suppliers and internationally based work colleagues. With a fixed goal in mind, courses can be held over a 1-month to 3-month period to keep an intensive, manageable focus. Our group classes are interactive rather than “lecture-oriented” and require commitment to active participation in order to reach common goals set jointly by the participants and employer prior to the start of the course.  

We are proud that we have been part of the self-development process of many hard-working employees whose anxiety has waned and self-confidence has grown.

Our step-by-step methodology builds knowledge while at the same time engages participants in meaningful work-related topics, making improvement a natural process.  We are here to make employees feel they can do things on their own. And that they do.

This year we will begin offering tailored test design services for those companies who wish to create their own internal language tests as part of their onboarding training process or a quick refresher course.  With over 20 years experience teaching and preparing employees for business English exams, you can count on our partnership to get it right for you. 

We also support individual employees. Learn more about our 1-to-1 tutoring options for apprentices and private lessons for professionals.

Some Past and Present Clients

Long-established in the Zurich area, The Boston School has provided in-company courses in a variety of towns in the canton of Zurich.  We look forward to serving online to more remote teams of employees working from home or based in other parts of Switzerland or Europe. English classes are a great way to provide a team atmosphere when face-to-face is not feasible.

Our company partners include a range of various business sectors – from banking and chemicals to precision parts and chemical companies in the paper and pharmaceutical industries.

Some include:

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