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How much time do you have before your exam or test?

Are you just 2-3 months away from taking an important English test or exam?

Looking for a short course to focus specifically on learning points you need to master?

If so, we have got the effective solution for you.

Whether it is a school mid-term or an official language proficiency test, most students often need additional tutoring that focuses on their own needs.

We specialize specifically on improving performance outcomes on speaking and writing tests. We share methods and exercises that all professional writers and speakers use to stay focused and bring out their best when under pressure.

Our short online courses are based on the fact that your reading and listening skills are above average, but you may need extra help in maximizing your writing and/or speaking scores. The average number of sessions required are 5-8 private hours, depending on the number of essays or reports you would like to submit for feedback.

We look forward to sharing our expertise with you. Here are the language proficiency tests and exams we can help you with.  We have added a free sample of each certificate exam or test so that prior to starting a course with us, you have a good idea what is tested and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. 

Please note Cambridge Business English certificates will be phased out by June 2024.  Certificates issued until June 2024 remain valid proof of your proficiency in using English in a work setting. When applying for university, keep in mind that schools normally require a language certificate earned no more than 2 years prior to the entry date.   

Cambridge English General and Business English certificate based on CEFR levels:

Note: All sample tests have been sourced from  and provided here for your convenience. Click on the name of the test to download them directly. 

General and Academic IELTS certificates : 5.0 to 8.5 Score Bands (B1 – C2)

Note: Unlike the Cambridge English suite of exams, there are not separate IELTS tests based on various levels.  One IELTS test covers all levels. Also, there are various kinds of test questions that can appear on the test.  Therefore, question types encountered on the sample test may differ to the test you may actually take.  To familiarize yourself on the various kinds of questions, please visit the official Swiss IELTS website for both the General and Academic versions. 

The Boston School has developed its own “Academic IELTS Speaking and Writing Guide and Practice” Handbook.  It can be used as a self-study guide but best used along with teacher support.  Free copies are available when signing up for a minimum of 5 hours of private lessons. Be sure to contact us today to arrange your lessons online or locally in the canton of Zurich. Send your request to:

Read more about IELTS, a stepping stone to attending university or working abroad.

 As we are an official partner of IELTS Switzerland, you can register directly here.

Long-Term Courses

We also provide long-term learning opportunities.  These courses focus on vocabulary building and grammar training required to get to the next level of understanding and fluency.  

Once specific reading and listening comprehension as well as writing and speaking goals have been achieved, then an intensive course focused on the test or exam itself is highly recommended. Click to view our current course offerings here >> 

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