For Hobby English Learners

First – what is a “hobby English learner”?  Basically, we see hobby learners as people who would like to maintain or improve their English without needing to attend a weekly class.

Such learners are usually already fluent in English and enjoy reading books and watching movies in English.  But – they may not have the occasion to use their English skills on a daily basis.

We want you to keep your English from getting rusty!  That’s why we’ve created the following additional services:

Activate your speaking skills

It can help tremendously if you can find a friend or a group of people you enjoy being with that speak in English to keep your English flowing.   

We organize social events to Hangout in English! They currently are held in Zurich and Baden.  For more details, please check out Hangout in English!

Keep your reading and listening skills fresh

Check out our blog for articles and recorded interviews to challenge your reading and listening skills and expose you to new words.  We include convenient links to English-German or English-French dictionaries like  and for words that may be new to you.   These blog entries are written by our teachers and so it’s a great way to get to know them, too.  All free of charge for you!

Grammar tips

Through blog entries and our online self-study material, you can access free grammar tips and exercises to ensure you’ve understand key points.

Fun trips abroad

And if you are looking to spend a holiday abroad, next time – why not consider going with The Boston School or seeking our advice for your home-stay plans if studying in the USA or UK.

Future plans

We are working on offering online courses soon. So if you decide to take your self-learning activities up a notch, be sure to sign up for our school’s e-newsletter using the form provided, or read some past examples of Chat n’ Chowder, 

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