Hangout in English!

Do you wish you could practice English in a fun, natural setting?  Why not try “Hangout in English!” with The Boston School?

Where we meet…

On the first Monday and the third Thursday of the month, we meet for an informal dinner or drinks in Zurich. Some recent places we’ve used as our hangouts are The Lion Pub (Monday) and b.good in Oerlikon (Thursday).

Who comes…

Each week is a nice surprise – with both new and familiar faces.  Everyone, except for the organizer, is a learner whose level is between B1 and B2 (and some C1’s), looking to practice speaking English in a relaxed, informal setting. 

We can travel without leaving Zurich by meeting long-time locals or those new to Zurich who may not yet  be able to speak German.  They include business professionals and students from Germany, Russia, Slovakia and of course, Switzerland.

We share stories, get to know each other and sometimes play grammar or vocabulary games.

To join us…

There are two ways to join us. Firstly, if you are a member of or wish to be a member of the meetup community, please visit:  Once part of the Meetup community, you can then request to become a member of   “Hangout in English!”

Check out what Meetup  is all about here  and to become a member of Meetup, click here

If you prefer not to create a meetup profile but still wish to receive invitations for these events, all you need to do is to send an e-mail to: to reserve your seat. 

The cost is only CHF 5.00 and is paid in cash at the start of the Hangout.