Hangout in English!

Do you wish you could practice English in a fun, natural setting?  Why not try “Hangout in English!” with The Boston School?

Where we meet: Zurich and Oerlikon

On the 1st Mondays of the month, we have our Hangout in English session in downtown Zurich for advanced learners, pre-C1 to C1+.

On the 3rd Thursdays of the month is our session for intermediate speakers, levels B1 – B1+ and it’s held in Oerlikon.

We meet for an informal dinner or drinks.  Our most recent hangouts are The Lion Pub (Monday), b.good in Oerlikon (Thursday) but we do meet in other places, too.

We also add special movie nights or pub nights for fun that can be joined by all levels.

Who comes…

Each week is a nice surprise – with both new and familiar faces.  Everyone, except for the organizer, is a learner looking to practice speaking English in a relaxed, informal setting.

We can travel without leaving Zurich by meeting long-time locals or those new to Zurich who may not yet  be able to speak German.  They include business professionals and students from Germany, Russia, Slovakia , France, Italy or Bulgaria.

We share stories, get to know each other and sometimes use exam based speaking exercises to help challenge and enrich our conversations.

To join us…

You need to become a member of the Meetup community.  Hangout in English! is just one of hundreds of event groups in Switzerland and one of over 225,000 groups run by locals in individual communities in over 180 countries around the world. Whether it’s a cooking group, group of runners, start-up or bitcoin enthusiasts – there’s much on offer. 

Visit Meetup to have a look.  When you’ve decided to become part of the Meetup community and have added your own profile onto the site, then you’ll have a chance to become part of groups of your choosing. (Note: your e-mail address or other personal details are kept private from other members). 

Then be sure to request membership to Hangout in English! so that you can automatically receive invitations to our events. We do require our members to use a profile picture of themselves.  This allows us to recognize each other when we meet for the first time.

How much?

The cost to attend is CHF 5.00 and is paid in cash on arrival.

You’ll see that we also promote our online conversational group classes to our meetup members.  And it’s great to combine the face-to-face session with some online group practice.  


Sign-up for great resources just in case you cannot attend