Hangout in English!

Do you wish you could practice English in a fun, natural setting?  Why not try “Hangout in English!” or our new International Online Hangout in English! with The Boston School?


What to expect…

You’ll meet some new and friendly local people looking for an “out of class experience” where they can hang out and practice their English conversational skills. You’ll get to know the other members and also participate in interesting discussions guided by a native speaker/experienced English teacher in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.  

 We offer two levels: Intermediate (B1 – B1+)  and Advanced (Pre-C1 to C1+) 

Sometimes we will offer hangouts for all levels but mostly they will be organized by level, which we have found works best to make our attendees feel comfortable speaking English with each other.

Our hangouts are not English classes.  However, we do encourage members to sign up for our free monthly newsletters.  They include free English self-study reading practice, access to fun and effective Quizlet word study sets as well as special discounts for classes offered through The Boston School.  

When and where we meet… 

During the summer months of 2020, we will offer “outdoor hangout sessions” on Thursdays and Saturdays during day and evening hours. Check out our upcoming events on our Meetup group page here.

We will start meeting in-person for a walk, a game of frisbee or hanging out at a pub in Zurich that offers outdoor seating. 

COVID-19 Regulations

In line with COVID-19 contact and tracing regulations, each person will need to provide their full name, address and contact details at the start of each Hangout.  The social distancing rule of 2 meters apart will be observed.  Masks will be available for purchase. 

In case of poor weather conditions, the Hangout will be postponed to a future date. 

The cost… 

Each Hangout in English! session is CHF 5.00.  Members are now encouraged to pay via Paypal to avoid money handling at the event.  Cash payments can be accepted on request.   

How to sign up? 

The best way to sign up is actually to create a Meetup profile and become a Hangout in English! member directly on Meetup, where the RSVP and payment process is automated.

For non-Meetup members, here are the links to register for an upcoming “International Online Hangout in English!” :

For Intermediate Level dates  (1st Thursday evening of the month 19:00-20:30)

For Advanced Level dates  (2nd Thursday evening of the month 19:00-20:30)



Prefer to meet online?  

We now run hangouts via Zoom so we can meet online, too.  We’ll ask friends and colleagues living in a foreign country, either permanently or temporarily, to join us online to bring an interesting perspective to our discussions.


All “International Online Hangouts!” will take place on Thursday evenings once a month per level. 

Intermediate Level: The first Thursday of the month 19:00-20:30

Advanced Level:  The second Thursday of the month 19:00-20:30

How to register? 

For Meetup members:

Those with a Meetup profile can request to become a member of our group and register directly here.

For non-Meetup members: 

If you prefer to register directly with us, this is also possible.

You can access our upcoming intermediate dates and register here.

For our advanced level attendees, choose your date and register here.


For non-Meetup members, you will receive an e-mail requesting payment of CHF 5.00 to be paid via PayPal after registering for a specific date. 

For those who wish to pay for 4 or more hangout sessions at once, an invoice can be organized for CHF 20.00.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our next hangout and introducing you to our members!  


Sign-up for great resources just in case you cannot attend