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Are you looking to study at a university that requires an IELTS Test to be completed?  Or perhaps you have the great opportunity to work abroad in Canada, Australia or England?

We have developed short-term courses for students preparing to take the IELTS test within 2-4 months time.  To qualify for our courses, you will need to complete a Reading, Listening and Writing sample test first. We will also give you a call to introduce ourselves and check your speaking skills.

Based on your results and the score you wish to reach, we will call you to give our honest opinion if our course is appropriate for you.

How do our short-term courses help? And can it really make a difference?

Our short-term courses focus mainly on applying critical thinking skills, which assists students to create clear, logical reports and essays as well as speak with more clarity.  This can prove helpful not not only in preparing for the Academic IELTS Test but also for oral presentation and report writing skills, which may be encountered in a work or university setting.  

So far, we have reached 100% results with our course material in helping students reach their goal. It requires students work hard and complete all their homework assignments. 

How many lessons will I need and what are the costs?

For individual Skype lessons, we highly recommend booking 5x 1-hour sessions.  At CHF 70.00/hour, we aim that this service is affordable for many. Please note: We are offering a discounted rate of CHF 60.00/hour for those starting a course by 31 October 2019.

Do you offer a group online preparation course for the IELTS Academic Test?

Yes.  We understand that some people prefer learning in groups and can benefit from the motivation that can come through working together with others.  To allow for different learning speeds, however, this course requires more hours on Skype to complete.

Our first online group course will begin on Monday, 14 October 2019.  For more details, please see our Courses 2019-2020.

What will we learn during a private or group online course?

Whether you take an individual or group course with us, here is what you will learn:

For Writing Task 1 / Academic:

1) How to view data to find main overall trends

2) How to categorize and group data into sub-trends

3) How to concisely compare trends by using key phrases to connect ideas

For Writing Task 2 / Academic:

1) How to formulate their ideas before they begin to write.

2) How to write an appropriate introduction and conclusion.

3) How to carefully connect all their ideas to the essay question.

For Speaking Tasks 1-3:

1) Understand the requirements for each task

2) Learn how to include the right amount of details in the amount of time alloted for each task

3) Feel more confident on the test day so that nerves are under control

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For more information on the Academic IELTS Test, please read The Boston School IELTS test overview webpage or related IELTS blog posts

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