Boston School student doing a homework exercise

The Intensive Private Learner

We are proud to have helped many private learners progress at a faster, more intensive pace. We tutor students who are following a course at a public school or those who wish to have a completely customized course tailored to exactly what they need and their preferred learning style.

We are here to help you.


We offer courses to private and semi-private student groups at the following locations:

  • At the student’s office – with permission of their company
  • At the student’s home (for those with home office days)
  • via Skype (for B1 students and above)
  • At rented meeting rooms

Rates and Payment Terms

We want to make language learning available to our private students when their budgets may be tight and no company financial support is provided.  We can afford to do so when no room rental fees must be covered by the school. Please see our price chart which shows our rates according to class location:

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Discounts of up to CHF 25.00 per hour may be offered for those who are currently unemployed or for full-time students.

Other Services Available

We invite everyone interested in practicing their English to join us in social activities, overseas trips and to take advantage of our free tips and learning exercises shared on our blog. Please be sure to read more about them using the following links: