Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading for Companies

The Boston School offers also proofreading and editing services for company press releases and magazine articles or any internal communication.

Proofreading for University Students

The Boston School can lend a hand to students working on papers for their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees that need to be completed within a specific deadline.  We do not write the papers for you but assist you in making well-written clear arguments. 

Students receive a 15% discount off our rates

Proofreading for Job Seekers

Those who may be between jobs and looking for assistance to write their CV or a cover letter in English, we are happy to help. Lower rates are available.

Lifelong Learners

Perhaps you wish to become less dependent on using online translation tools and want to improve your writing skills. We have developed our own material to clearly go through the steps to make sound, convincing arguments in many forms: essays, presentations or proposals, to name just a few.  Online courses are most suitable for writing courses and we would invite you to consider taking part in either our online private or group classes.

Face-to-face lessons are also offered in-company and various locations in Switzerland.

Do you need help with a rush job?

We have made the last post deadline at Zurich Airport on a Sunday more times than you can imagine.

To ensure our clients "to be there on Monday" ! for their academic papers, presentations and other documents.