Interview with John Nassif

Free English 10 Minute exercise

Playing Harmonica

 Listen to an interview with my brother, John, and hear him play his harmonica. 

Try and see if you can answer these questions after you have listened to the podcast – interview


  1. What instrument did John first learn how to play and when?
  2. What two factors played a key role in his choosing to play the harmonica? 
  3. Name a famous band which John and the Lucky Dog Band opened for? What did he think of the lead singer?
  4. When and where can you see him perform “live” in April?

If you like music and are available, why not check out our social Hangout in English! events and join us at falcone.

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Car Talk Radio

General English video grammar exercise


Car was tips car talk This is a show that is so dear to my heart.  I remember listening to this program while driving my first car on the weekends in Boston.  It always made me laugh out loud, and by the way, this was way before the term “LOL” was born!

For those of you who might have a strong interest in the car faults, mysterious noises, basic car mechanics, or are just “petrol heads,” who know when to laugh at a situation, or who like to solve puzzles, the Boston accent and/or a combination of all that in one!…I can highly recommend reviewing their podcasts and show highlights. 

Here’s a sample podcast from the series:


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