Three Case Studies

Read 3 case studies on how The Boston School approaches and establishes courses for corporate clients to individual students.

The Boston School helping IT in Banking
The Boston School helping IT Managers in the Banking Industry

Case Study 1

A Large Swiss International Bank

IT, banking, and English skills go hand in hand. Back in 2004, a handful of high level IT managers, who had devoted most of their career to their employer, needed to prove they could handle the growing international need to work effectively in English.

With 100% financial backing by their department, the managers were granted 9 months of 2.5 hour classes to prepare for the Cambridge BEC Vantage examination.  The students’ attendance, homework completion rate and progress were reported on a monthly basis to Management.  They were expected to complete 2-3 hours worth of homework per week.  At the end of the 9-month period, all students passed the examination.

Subsequently, more examination preparation courses were established and the company expanded their support to other managers from various departments.  Course times were shortened to 1.5 hours per week and lengthened to two years. Students continued to obtain successful results.

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The Boston School improving interpersonal skills
The Boston School teaches not only English but soft skills needed in sales and collaboration

Case Study 2

A B2B Swiss Market Leader Distributor

English lessons were just a part of a very smooth transition organized by Management which resulted in a very low staff turnover rate, which based on previous acquisitions made by the French parent company, was highly unexpected.

Employees became excited about potential inter-country transfers and were eager to improve their English. Courses from beginner to advanced levels have been offered ever since.

Over the years, key account managers in charge of international business have been encouraged to pass certificate exams, while office support members are expected to attend at least 70% of the course and contribute to course costs. An attendance certificate is issued to those students who honor their obligations.

With the company placing a high value on work-life balance, employees work towards their goals without the stress of preparing for an official language exam.

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The Boston School tailors courses to your specific needs
The Boston School tailors courses to individual needs of their professional and academic clients.

Case Study 3

The Motivated Private Student

The Boston School has had the pleasure to serve many private students who have needed to improve their English rapidly.  University students enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program may need support in writing their thesis, for example, or an ambitious employee may be looking to improve their English due to a recent or upcoming job promotion. We have happily assisted.

With a specific goal in mind, these students are willing to pay for their own courses when the company is not.  Course fees are discounted for such students and courses are offered either at their home or, upon approval of their employer, at their office.

These students reach their goals in a short time, while their confidence grows.  They soon no longer need English lessons after having accomplished their self-determined goals.

Sometimes years later, when they are preparing to reach another important goal, they return to The Boston School yet again. It is wonderful to be able to lend a hand at such important times in their lives and play a role in their achievements.

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Meet Some Past and Present Clients

Some great companies and their staff

Long established in the Zurich Area, The Boston School has provided lessons in a variety of towns across Switzerland.

It has also meant we have helped staff in different business sectors from banking and chemicals to precision parts and B2B office supplies.

Some include:

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